Be Winter Ready with a Sacramento Heat and Air System Evaluation

Be Winter Ready with a Sacramento Heat and Air System Evaluation

Be Winter Ready with a Sacramento Heat and Air System Evaluation

When it comes to your home’s heat and air system, ensuring that it is working correctly is crucial to ensuring that you optimize its quality for the price you are paying. Paying for a system that is not working how it should be doesn’t make much sense, right?

Winter can be intense, so ensuring your home is winter-ready is essential for ensuring your comfort and lowering your bills overall. Fortunately, Upton Air specializes in performing evaluations and knowing what makes for adequate heat and air system. Here are some of the things you should know about preparing your home for the winter weather.


Gas Water Heater/Electric Water Heater Repair and Installation


Almost everyone enjoys a hot beverage in the winter. Ensuring that your gas or electric water heater is working is crucial to ensuring that heated water is provided to your home.

Most homes already have a water heater. Unfortunately, your heater may encounter a catastrophic issue during its lifespan, such as leakage. In this case, you will undoubtedly need to replace your hot water heater.

Even if your heater is still functioning, however, it is a fact that heaters do age and will eventually struggle to keep up with the energy requirement that modern-day life demands. 

When you take a warm shower, does the water go lukewarm (or even cold) after a short time? Does your water go from extremely cold to scorching hot with no middle ground? In cases like these, replacing or repairing your hot water heater will certainly be a good course of action.

If your home’s hot water heater is showing symptoms of a bigger problem, our advice is not to wait longer than you need to in the chance it fails to work. We can assist you in repairing your hot water heater, ensure that it is meeting optimal energy efficiency to save you money, and verify that the water temperature that your heater is providing is adequate.


Ensure Your Heat Pump System Is Working Correctly


Your home’s heat pump system is responsible for providing heat to and from your home. Without it, your home would be frigid in the wintertime and unbearably warm in the summer.

Making sure that your heat pump is working right is one of the best ways to optimize the amount of energy you are using. Heat pumps provide up to 3 times more energy than they consume.

Heat pumps have good lifespans, ranging from around 10 to 30 years, depending on the model and type of heat pump. Investing in a good heat pump is an excellent investment.

However, heat pumps will inevitably fail. If your heat pump has failed, you will need to have it replaced. Fortunately, heat pump systems are easy to maintain and repair. Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose any problems your heat pump has and promptly make the needed repairs.


Gas Furnace Repair and Service


While a heat pump system will help to move heat to and from your home, a gas furnace is needed to generate the heat inside your home. If you have no working furnace, you will have little heat.

A good furnace will help to optimize the amount of heat distributed within your home. Your furnace working together with your heat pump system will provide a great deal of energy-efficient heat to your home, saving you a great deal of money during the winter months.

Furnaces will, unfortunately, fail at some point, usually around 15 to 20 years. Have no fear, though: we here at Upton Air have over 35 years of experience repairing and servicing all makes and models of heating systems and furnaces. If a furnace can be fixed or repaired, we can promise you that we will repair it to make it the best it can be!


Check Out Our Secure Comfort Club


Ok, we know what you’re probably thinking: “this is an advertisement!” Well…that is true, but we also wouldn’t mention it if we didn’t feel it wasn’t in your best interest and a great value!

Our Secure Comfort Club is our preventative maintenance program that helps ensure that your home regularly gets the maintenance it needs. 

You can expect the following as a member of our Secure Comfort Club:

  • Seasonal Tune-Ups. Never feel uncomfortable during any season. Our expert technicians will come to your home every season to perform maintenance on all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.
  • Discounted Repairs. If we need to repair any of your equipment, we’ll knock 10% off your bill. It’s our family’s way of thanking you for trusting us.
  • Free inspection. Do you have a piece of equipment that you think needs to be repaired, even if we weren’t the ones who installed it for you? Don’t pay the other guys the big bucks just for them to tell you something is wrong; we will waive any diagnostic or inspection fees if you purchase a repair.
  • Priority Scheduling. We love all our customers. However, as part of our Secure Comfort Club, we will make sure to give you a fast pass to the front of the line when it comes to getting you scheduled!
  • Exclusive Promotions. We like a good sale and promotion just as much as anyone else. As a Secure Comfort Club member, we will provide exclusive deals just for you.
  • Record keeping. As a bonus, we will keep a detailed record of all your equipment on file for you. Have you lost your warranty for your furnace? Good news: we’ll be able to provide you with a copy.

Sounds like it will be pricey, right? Fortunately, that is not the case: all of this can be had at the low price of $14.84 a month.


Upton Air Evaluates Homes in Sacramento for Heat and Air Issues


Winter is a tough month when it comes to keeping warm. If your home is not adequately being provided enough warm heat and airflow, you will likely end up spending more money, in the long run, to keep your house nice and warm.

However, there is a solution to this problem. Since 1983, Upton Air has provided evaluations to homes like yours to help keep warm air and heat inside your house. We are a family owned and operated company and love what we do, and we think the result will show our commitment to quality work.

Your home is an investment, so keeping it both heated and energy efficient is an excellent investment for both the long and short term. If you think your heating pump, hot water heater, or anything else is not working correctly, please get in touch with us right away for this or any other heating repairs you may need. Keep warm this winter!

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