Things to Check Before Calling for AC Services

Things to Check Before Calling for AC Services

You might not need an extensive repair, make sure to check these simple things before calling for AC service. Here are a few surprising factors you can consider before calling.

  • Air Filter: One of the most common causes of cooling issues are dirty air filters. Be sure to check yours in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines, because a dirty air filter can inhibit the ability of your AC to operate.
  • Breaker, Breaker, One-Two: Make sure that no one has flipped (or had to flip) your breakers recently. Your house may have experienced a power surge, especially with a lot of things running.
  • Thermostats: Faulty thermostats often cause discomfort when they fail to regulate your home’s temperature. Check to make sure the thermostat is on, working, and set to the correct setting. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it happens more often than you think!
  • Look for Open Windows, Doors: Another surprisingly common issue is a window being open somewhere, or a door left open. If the home’s temperature doesn’t seem quite right and you can’t figure out why the AC is running, or is running too much, or not enough, be sure to look for these openings.
  • Compressor Space: The outdoor compressor unit is often impeded by overgrowth or objects. Make sure to keep the yard neatly trimmed around the compressor. Keep nearby plants from blocking up the unit. Same with other objects like loose tarps or boxes.

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