From gas furnace repair to converting your existing hvac system to a heat pump system, we got you covered!

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    What’s more important than staying warm in the cold? We’re pretty sure that if you ask our Ice Age ancestors, they’d tell you, “Nothing!” Proper heating makes a home much more livable. Upton Air’s technicians can install, inspect, and maintain your home’s heating system so that you’re never left out in the cold. Our experts can even service units that we did not install, and we’ll offer you the fairest prices around, because Upton cares about your comfort.

    Whether you need a gas furnace or a heat pump system, Upton will help you determine what’s right for you and get it installed or maintained as painlessly as possible. This is what we do, and it’s our privilege to help you stay warm on those long, cold nights.

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    Our main goal is to provide you with cost effective solutions that are done right the first time! We want to make sure our work meets your expectations for years to come. There is never a bad time to call the team at Upton Air because we know that furnace and heating systems can malfunction at the worst times. We are here to provide you with professional advice and service at all times right here in the
    Sacramento, CA area.



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