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Heat pumps come in a variety of different types that offer various benefits. Hydronic heating and cooling heat pumps are one option that offer a more environmentally friendly solution that will keep your family comfortable throughout the year. Traditional HVAC systems rely on fossil fuels to produce energy while modern hydronic pumps use water to provide optimal heating and cooling and limited environmental impact. You can save money on utility bills, enjoy an ideal indoor environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

How Hydronic Heat Pumps Work

Hydronic heat pumps work by absorbing energy from the outside air. Even when outdoor temperatures fall below freezing, the system can move energy from the air and use it to heat the home. These pumps can also absorb heat in the home and send it outdoors when you need to cool the indoors.

Benefits of Hydronic Heat Pumps

  • Using water to heat your home requires less energy than traditional HVAC systems for more efficient results. You can save on monthly utility bills while also significantly reducing your use of fossil fuels.
  • Hydronic systems are incredibly flexible so that you can design a HVAC system that meets your specific needs.
  • These heat pumps can be used to create certain zones in the home. This helps to deliver heating and cooling to specific areas for a more efficient home.
  • All of the refrigerant is located outside the home for a safer solution.

Hydronic heat pumps can be used to heat and cool homes in any climate and provide a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution than traditional HVAC systems. Upton Air can help you find and install the right HVAC heat pump to service your home. Contact us today to learn more about your options and find the best HVAC solution for your home and your budget.


Our main goal is to provide you with cost effective solutions that are done right the first time! We want to make sure our work meets your expectations for years to come. There is never a bad time to call the team at Upton Air because we know that furnace and heating systems can malfunction at the worst times. We are here to provide you with professional advice and service at all times right here in the
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