The Top 10 Reasons to Choose A Ductless HVAC Mini-Split System This Winter

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose A Ductless HVAC Mini-Split System This Winter

In the words of Ned Stark, “Winter is coming“! How confident are you that your old heating system will be able to provide you with adequate protection from the cold?

Well, consider getting a ductless HVAC mini-split system. When it comes to the heating and cooling of your home, this can be the ideal choice.

To help you understand the main reasons for doing so, we have researched and jotted down the top 10 reasons for choosing a ductless HVAC mini-split system.

We, at Upton Air, thought of informing you about the many benefits of the ductless HVAC mini-split systems for your reference.

Read on to find out why it’s a better choice for upgrading your home this winter.


1. Multiple Functionality

The problem with traditional HVAC systems is that they can provide either heating or air conditioning, but not both at the same time. With ductless heating and cooling, you get the benefits from the same unit.

These highly efficient electric heat pump systems use about 40% less energy to heat and cool than traditional solutions. If you go for the Energy Star-certified ones, you can save up to 60% on energy consumption. That’s your very first cue to invest in one!


2. Flexible Design

The ductless heat and air systems also take up much lesser space than your complex central air conditioning systems. You can even hang them on a wall or from the ceiling. This allows more room for your interior décor.

The mini-split systems consist of three main components:

  • The indoor unit or air handling unit
  • The outdoor condenser, or condensing coil, or heat pump
  • The fan

This is sufficient for maintaining a comfortable room temperature in your home. In fact, a single outdoor unit has enough capacity to accommodate up to four indoor air handlers.


3. Precise Temperature Control

You can control the temperature of each room separately by installing multiple mini-split units. This is far more efficient than using a thermostat.

This helps cater to multiple needs under one roof, in case not everyone in your house agrees on the room temperature level. Moreover, if you only want to fix room temperature in a specific room, then getting a single-zone mini-split unit is enough.


4. Higher Energy-Efficiency

Ductless HVAC mini-split systems are highly energy-efficient since ductwork can cause 30% more energy consumption for air conditioning. By simply getting rid of the ducts, you can avail a more efficient heating and cooling system.

Furthermore, the ductless models also come with inverter-driven compressors. This can speed up or slow down based on the requirements of the system. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a complete shutdown like what happens to traditional HVAC compressors.


5. Easy Maintenance

Due to the small number of components, ductless mini-splits require very little maintenance. They have a long lifespan too. All you need to do is just keep the filters cleaned. Also, keep any debris cleared from the wall and the compressor units as these could hamper the airflow.

With ductwork, you need a lot of wiping done to clean them. Similar to the central AC units, you need to get the seal leaks cleaned too. This takes a lot of time and effort to clean.


6. High Durability

The ductless mini-split or split systems are highly durable and have a significantly longer life. With proper maintenance, you can make them last 12-to-15 years more than conventional heating and cooling systems.

Even if you use it frequently, it can last up to 20 years. However, to enjoy the benefits for years to come, better get your system regularly checked by a licensed HVAC company.


7. Cost-saving

Depending on inefficient air conditioning systems can take your monthly bills off the chart. Homeowners tend to save a lot when switching to ductless heating and cooling since they operate on less power.

The systems are smaller in size compared to traditional forced-air systems. Since the air is temperature-controlled and sent directly to the rooms, you enjoy optimum efficiency.

Another benefit of the multi-split zoning feature is that you don’t need to heat the unoccupied rooms.

Furthermore, homeowners may receive utility rebates or tax credits for a year when installing these systems. The federal-state runs many such programs on the local level for the benefit of homeowners and businesses.


8. Improved Indoor Air Quality

At Upton Air, we put more emphasis on air quality. We have seen that unless air ducts are regularly given a thorough cleaning by professionals, they can lower the indoor air quality. Also, there is no assurance that all the dust and allergens will be removed after cleaning.

With ductless conditioning and heating, this problem is solved. Furthermore, the multi-stage filtration in these systems rapidly prevents and reduces allergens, pollen, dust, and bacteria.


9. Easy to Install

Mini-splits are any day easier to install compared to any other heating and cooling system. The conduit that connects both indoor and outdoor units of the mini-split only requires a three-inch gap into the wall.

You can even get a wide variety of conduit lengths from different mini-split manufacturers. In contrast, the outdoor unit can be placed up to 50 feet from the indoor unit.

So, you can just place the outdoor unit on the side or back of your house. Even then, it can easily maintain a comfortable temperature in a room that is at the front.


10. Environment-Friendly

The compact size of the ductless HVAC mini-split system and its higher energy efficiency adhere to the Energy Star guidelines. The U.S. federal government issues these guidelines for improved efficiency. This helps you lower your carbon footprint.

Additionally, ductless systems even use the R410A refrigerant, which has zero ozone depletion potential. That ensures that the system will have less of an impact on the environment.


Upton Air Offers the Best Advice on Heating Systems and Air Issues

We, at Upton Air, strive to provide you with the easiest and most reliable HVAC system you can get. Converting to an efficient heating system can lower your cost and maintenance. What could be hotter than that?

By opting for this innovative heating solution, you can also drastically improve the quality of your living environment.

If you need any assistance or have any queries about ductless HVAC mini-split heating systems, then get in touch with us. We will provide you with all the information and guidance so you can relax and enjoy. Give your family the gift of better air and heating this holiday season.


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